Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confessions of a Clueless Bride

Wow, it feels like forever since the last blog post. I decided to take a break from wedding planning,school and work to get re-energized. And my wonderful fiancé took me a way for the weekend...I didn't want to come back.lol. 

Back to the title of my post. When I first started thinking of names for my blog this was my #1 choice. Unlike a lot of brides planning their wedding, I did not have my wedding details planned out since I was a little girl. I'm actually glad I didn't because I think I have changed a lot since then. Before I started planning I never thought about wedding themes, centerpieces, etc. I have to admit that I was (and still am) intimidated by brides I meet on 
TheKnot or other places. I have learned so much during the planning process and the type of bride I really am.

Here are some tips/advice that I've learned during the planning process:

1) Think about your wedding theme early on. ---I had no idea what I wanted to do. I started planning and luckily everything fit perfectly into a specific theme. I would suggest talking to your FI about what kind of vibe or atmosphere you want to create for your guests. Your theme should be (in my opinion) a reflection of you and your FI.

2) Get organized early on! ----Find a way to get organized. I keep all of my ideas on lists in folders on my computer. I also have a binder specifically for contracts. You can buy a wedding binder at Barnes & Nobles or Borders, but I think it's cheaper to create your own binder. In addition to my binder and folders I also bought a wedding planning book (recently) and it also gives me ideas. Theknot.com has also been my #1 source for organization.

3) Accept help from anyone who offers!---As a clueless bride I thought wedding planning would be a breeze. Being a laid-back person, I couldn't imagine planning being stressful. Boy was I wrong!! Without the help of family and friends, the planning process would not have been so smooth. As soon as I started realizing that I needed help, I accepted it from anyone who offered. The more help you have the less stress you will have.

4) Talk to other brides and share ideas. This is so important. I joined theknot in 2005 for a friend's wedding and a friend suggested that I look at the boards for my own wedding. More than 90% of what I learned and my ideas come from this website. I suggest looking at your local board (city), wedding month board, DIY (this is an awesome place to get ideas or inspiration) and Invites & Paper.

5) Start a blog/planning website and follow other blogs/websites. The wedding planning process goes by so fast and this is a way to remember the whole process. Also the blogs are a way to learn more and get 
inspiration.  Here are some blogs that I follow:
 http://heylucyphoto.blogspot.com/ (my photographer for both engagement pictures and the wedding)
http://chelseagetsmarried.blogspot.com/  (great DIY ideas)
 http://diyfashionista.weebly.com (gives tips on how to make a wishing tree and other ideas)
 http://www.younghouselove.com/wedding-album/ (I love love love this!!)

6) Do research! -- Magazines, internet searches and books are your friends...use them often :)

7) Use Vistaprint and save money--I can't say enough about VP. I will devote a blog post to talk about the ways you can save by going to vistaprint.com
I'm sure there are more tips but I think these 7  will help you to not be a "clueless bride".


  1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was going to email you back, but your email account isn't linked to your account, so I thought I would come on here to answer your question.

    I used Photoshop to make our table name cards. I made our monogram separately and then added it onto the cards, but I've since got rid of the monogram on the cards. Hope that helps!

  2. *waves*
    This is such a wonderful idea for a blog post.
    I think I will have to start putting one together and post it shortly after the wedding.

  3. @Chelsea-Thanks for your help!

    @Chic Fit Geek- Thank you. I think it's an awesome way to help future brides.