Friday, March 18, 2011

3 months til the big day!!!!

                                                         (Casey and I-Halloween 2009)

I can't believe the big day is almost here! This past week has been great especially because I didn't have finals. I was able to get some things done off the list and also some things that were not on the list. Unfortunately my camera is broken so I can't post pics of the tattoos or the completed wedding projects. But I hope to have a new camera by next weekend :).

Here was the to-do list for this week:
1) Talk to caterer to set up a taste test and discuss other questions/concerns -  I contacted the caterer with questions that I had and readjusted our contract. I still need to set up a taste test.
2) Choose a seamstress for alterations on the dress--
3) Find under-the-dress essentials--I still need to do this
4) Figure out what things to be bought or rented for the ceremony/reception-- Started doing this, I need to complete it.
5) Finalize the wedding day "schedule"--- We have a schedule but it may need to be we'll see.
6) Finalize music selection for ceremony-- Still need to finalize this but this will be decided when we meet with musician.

Other checks from this past week:
1) Scheduled an appointment with a seamstress for my minor alteration
2) Bridesmaid dresses are in!- I called the bridal shop yesterday and they had just been delivered.
3) Invitations were ordered Sunday and arrived on Wednesday!
4) Scheduled meeting with musician to discuss ceremony music.

Casey and I will be out of town next Friday so my to-do list will be for the next two Fridays:

1) Pick out/buy Casey's attire and select attire for groomsmen-doing this tomorrow :)
2) Finish enclosure cards for invitations and other materials needed to send them out
3) Buy shoes for flower girl
4) Find under-the-dress essentials
5) Set up taste taste with caterer
6) Start buying reception decor-(finalize items needed)
7) Contact ceremony/reception site to finalize rentals needed for wedding & book rehearsal time
8) Reserve rehearsal dinner
9) Buy wedding bands

So I have a lot to do for the next two Fridays. I will be doing another post on Sunday, so be sure to check that out!

Happy Friday everyone :) !!!

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