Friday, March 11, 2011

99 Days To Go!!!

I can't believe it's 99 days until the big day! The days are flying by and I still have so much that I want to do. This week was not my most productive week because I had papers and projects due for my classes. After I turn my last project in on Sunday I'll have two weeks of free time and it will be devoted to wedding related projects. With that being said here was the to-do list for this week:

 1) Talk to caterer to set up a taste test and discuss other questions/concerns -  I contacted the caterer with questions that I had and readjusted our contract. I still need to set up a taste test.
2) Choose a seamstress for alterations on the dress--I've researched some seamstress for the minor alteration that I need for the dress. Still need to contact the places I found and do a price comparison.
3) Find under-the-dress essentials--I still need to do this
4) Figure out what things to be bought or rented for the ceremony/reception-- Started doing this, I need to complete it.
5) Finalize the wedding day "schedule"--- I also started this but it may need to be changed based on our vendors.

So my list for next week will be to continue working on the items on the list above and one new item:

6) Finalize music selection for ceremony

I've also added new pages to the blog. Check out the "Inspiration" page to get an idea of our vision for the wedding. In the next week or so I will also add pictures of DIY items and projects that I'm working on. Please feel free to steal ideas or suggest ones to me :) . It is also my goal to do more posts during the week, I will really work on this one.

That's all for now.  Hopefully I'll have a more productive week this upcoming week.

Have a great Friday night everyone!

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