Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Months and Counting!!

Two months until the big day or 8 weekends before the "big" one. Unfortunately I was unable to post this past Friday. With the days winding down before the wedding I have been too busy to write. Although it's been fun to plan the wedding I can't wait to have my life back. All the wedding planning has made it hard to focus on my master's project and classes. Anyway here is an update on my to-do list from last week. As a reminder here is the list that I made:

1) Find a wedding band for me--still looking with no luck
2) have Casey e-mail guys about attire for the wedding
3) address and send out invitations. My goal is to have them sent out by Sat, at the latest -  With the help of my FSIL the addresses were addressed and mailed out on Thursday. We did realize that we were about 10 invitations short so I will be sending those out this week. But I am so glad this one is out of the way.
4) make wedding & parking signs
5) buy paper lanterns

Other checks from last week & week before:
-found a make-up artist for the wedding. I don't wear make-up and I don't plan on wearing much for the wedding. But as a gift to myself I am working with Diana Varga.
- found a wedding "cake" topper from a seller on Great shop check it out: lynnslittlecreations . I found this seller from reading: :

So the list for the rest of this week:
1)  Keep searching for wedding bands
2) e-mail groomsmen about wedding attire
3) buy paper lanterns
4) make wedding and parking signs
5) schedule make-up trial run
6)  make final payments for DJ
7) send in updated contract for caterer.

On another note on Sat, April 16th I had my bridal shower/bachelorette party in Columbus. It was amazing. Columbus was the central location for my bridesmaids (2 live in my hometown, one in Pittsburgh, one in C-bus and 2 in Cincinnati. My MOH (matron) and maid of honor did an excellent job and we had a blast. I am still recovering from Saturday night. I only have picture from the night posted but I will be sure to post more.

(me with Stacey-Matron of honor on left and Nani-Maid of honor on right)

Until next time :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time To Check In :)

Hello loves!!

It's been 11 days since my last post and a lot has happened since then. I know my usual to-do list are reserved for Fridays but Casey and I were doing some shopping at Michael's last night. Anyway, here was the to-do list that I had for the past 2 weeks:

1) Pick out/buy Casey's attire and select attire for groomsmen-We knocked this out when my maid of honor came to visit. FI, me, my FSIL, and my MOH went to K & G . If you are not doing tuxedos, I definitely recommend going to K& G...great prices.
2) Finish enclosure cards for invitations and other materials needed to send them out--Major check out of the way. My matron of honor, FSIL and I  put together the majority of the invitations (i have about 15 more invitations to tape to the pocket fold invitations). I love but decided to do the enclosures myself on I think they came out great and I saved a lot of money.
3) Buy shoes for flower girl--I still haven't found shoes that I like yet but we'll see.
4) Find under-the-dress essentials--I knocked this one out with my matron of honor :).
5) Set up taste test with caterer--The caterer and I have been going back and forth finalizing/updating our menu. I've suggested days for the taste test so I'm just wanting for them to set a date.
6) Start buying reception decor-(finalize items needed)- We've got a list of items that we still need to get such as linen (we're planning on renting these) and paper lanterns. Last night we got a handful of key items from Michael's: aisle runner, mason jars, floating candles, etc. Thanks to a fellow Knottie I found out about the sale on mason jars and candles. 
7) Contact ceremony/reception site to finalize rentals needed for wedding & book rehearsal time--Our rehearsal time is booked! Unless we find cheaper linen elsewhere we will be renting from the venue. Depending on the ceremony set-up we may need to rent additional chairs.
8) Reserve rehearsal dinner--We choose a place that is a local favorite, which will be nice for out of town guests to experience. We decided to do something more low-key than Pompilio's and more affordable.
9) Buy wedding bands--still need to do this. Casey's ring is already picked out. We found a ring we liked for me but we're thinking it. The cut of my engagement ring is unique so that makes it a little difficult. If anyone has suggestions of jewelers, please let me know!
10) Bought one item for my bridesmaids--Because some of my bridesmaids read my blog, I won't say what I found.

For next week we my list is:
1) Find a wedding band for me
2) have Casey e-mail guys about attire for the wedding
3) address and send out invitations. My goal is to have them sent out by Sat, at the latest
4) make wedding & parking signs
5) buy paper lanterns

My to-do list is a little shorter this week for a couple of reasons: 1) the most important thing is to get invitations addressed and sent, 2) I'm going to my bridal and bachelorette party in C-bus on Saturday. So excited about things.

I'm hoping to do another post by Monday.

Have a great Saturday!