Friday, February 18, 2011

4 Months!!!

I can't believe it is exactly 4 months until the big day! It seems as if it was only yesterday that we got engaged. Although I got a lot of the major things out of the way within the first couple of months of planning, I still have so much to do. So instead of writing a whole list of things that I need to do this month, I'm going to give my self a to-do list for the next week. Here it is:

1). Call and confirm hotel room reservations/blocks for out-of-town guests: I've been corresponding with one hotel in particular (Garfield Suites Hotel), I just need to make sure the rooms are actually reserved for our guests

2) Invitations: Make a decision on whether or not we're going to DIY them or buy them. We're planning on sending them out April 23rd, so we need to choose our invitations asap.

3) Find a location for the rehearsal dinner- I really need to get on top of this because I'm afraid everything is going to be just about booked. Casey and I want something fun and intimate for our guests...and laid-back. I have a couple of ideas about where we could do this but we'll see what happens.

4) Update our wedding website with information like accommodations,etc

5) Finalize the wedding day "schedule"

My goal is to work on these things and have them checked off by next Friday. I'll be sure to post my progress and have a new to-do list for next Friday. I'll try to dedicate my Friday posts  "to-do lists" so please check back for those.

Today Casey and I did something really cool to celebrate the 4 month mark but I can't share it with you today  :(  . I promise that I will reveal what we did in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night! And to all of my June 18 knotties, we're almost there :)!!!!

Night everyone


  1. You should try pompilios for a rehearsal dinner location. its a fun and laid back place.

  2. Thanks Chic Fit Geek :). It's one of my favorites from our engagement pictures.

    @Mel's World, thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into it.