Monday, June 13, 2011

Let them eat anything...but wedding cake

One of the first decisions that we made after we decided on our venue was the type of food we wanted. Since Casey is such a great cook and we're easy-going people, we wanted the food to reflect our personalities. The location of the wedding (in a local park) also reinforced the idea of having "picnic" type food. Our caterer Chef's Choice Catering (one of the caterers approved by the park) had just the kind of food we were looking for. Below is an idea of the type of food our guests will be feasting on this Saturday:


(images courtesy of google)

When it came time to think of desserts, we knew right away that we didn't want a traditional wedding cake. We're not a traditional kind of couple so we definitely wanted to do something different. Plus, cakes are expensive so we wanted a more affordable but still delicious route. So we decided on....cupcakes! We're doing a little bit of a twist on the cupcakes so it will be unique. A friend of mine has her own cupcake business on the side. She does weddings, showers, birthday parties, etc. Click on the link to check out her Facebook page: Becky's A+ Cupcakes .We also had to think about other options for those who might not like cupcakes. Luckily our "picnic" menu included brownies (without nuts) and cookies. I think our guests will definitely be pleased with our food choices!

                                      (Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream photo courtesy of Becky's A+ Cupcakes)

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  1. The food looks soooo yummy especially the cupcakes. Can't wait!!! Its going to be a blast.